Venue Information

Coronavirus Notice

Update: Thursday 13 February 2020

Sydney Olympic Park Venue Management continues to work with advice provided by the NSW Health Department in managing the risks associated with the current international Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  incident.

Whilst the risk in the venue environment is low, we look forward to working co-operatively with the community to minimise any risks associated with this current event.

The risk of becoming unwell with 2019-nCoV without a history of travel to China in the last 14 days is very low. As a result there are no restrictions on Australians attending sporting events or large public events or participating in activities, programs, carnivals and concerts. Wearing of masks in the venue environment is not considered necessary.

It is appropriate to continue normal training, competition, programs and activities if:

  1. You do not have any symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, cough or sore throat AND
  2. You have not travelled to China in the past 14 days AND
  3. You have not been in direct contact with a known or suspected case of 2019-nCoV in the past 14 days.

For further medical advice, please contact your GP or local emergency department or call the healthdirect helpline 1800 022 222.

Sydney Olympic Park Venue Management will continue to
follow advice from NSW Health and post any further updates.

Translated version: Simplified Chinese - from Wednesday 29 January 2020